Vizag Hourly Package

HOURS / KMS Toyota etios Swift Dzire toyota innova 7 seater toyota innova crysta 7 seater force 12 seater tempo traveller force 17 seater tempo traveller 24 seater bus 40 seater bus
4 Hours / 40 KMS Rs.999/- Rs.999/- Rs.1,899/- Rs.2,299/- Rs.2,499/- Rs.2,699/-


5 Hours / 50 KMS Rs.1,299/- Rs.1,299/- Rs.2,299/- Rs.2,799/- Rs.2,799/- Rs.3,099/- Rs.4,855/- Rs.6,555/-
6 Hours / 60 KMS Rs.1,589/- Rs.1,589/- Rs.2,850/- Rs.3,350/- Rs.3,700/- Rs.3,900/- Rs.5,500/- Rs.7,100/-
7 Hours / 70 KMS Rs.1,839/- Rs.1,839/- Rs.3,250/- Rs.3,850/- Rs.4,300/- Rs.4,550/- Rs.6,400/- Rs.8,300/-
8 Hours / 80 KMS Rs.2,089/- Rs.2,089/- Rs.3,650/- Rs.4,350/- Rs.4,900/- Rs.5,200/- Rs.7,300/- Rs.9,400/-
9 Hours / 90 KMS Rs.2339/- Rs.2339/- Rs.4,050/- Rs.4,850/- Rs.5,500/- Rs.5,850/- Rs.8,200/- Rs.10,600/-
10 Hours / 100 KMS Rs.2,589/- Rs.2,589/- Rs.4,450/- Rs.5,350/- Rs.6,100/- Rs.6,500/- Rs.9,100 Rs.11,800/-
Hill Charges Rs.200/- Rs.200/- Rs.300/- Rs.400/- Rs.500/- Rs.500/- Rs.700/- Rs.1,000/-
Extra Hour Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.400/- Rs.500/- Rs.600/- Rs.650/- Rs.900/- Rs.1,300/-
Extra KM Rs.13/- Rs.13/- Rs.17/- Rs.20/- Rs.27/- Rs.30/- Rs.60/- Rs.85/-

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    Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, goes by the nicknames of “City of Destiny” and “Jewel of the East Coast”. This gem off the coast of the Bay of Bengal is a historical city with a wide array of spellbinding landscapes and exciting activities. Its sweeping beaches and serene peacefulness amongst the green expanse are an experience not to be missed. But the way you travel decides your experience. So, how do you make sure that your journey in the city is devoid of any hassles? The answer: a great cab service. Get the best Vizag hourly cab booking service with Sri Bhulokha Travels.

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